I am a forty-something stay-at-home mum of two living in South East London. I used to be a personal finance journalist, but now spend most of my day pottering in my kitchen or with my nose in a cookbook, wondering what to cook for tea.img_2514

While we all love routine and familiarity, these can be the enemy of the home cook. I want to feed my family a variety of foods and flavours, not just for their enjoyment and well being, but more selfishly, because I dread falling into a food rut, where cooking becomes yet another household chore, rather than the pleasure it can be. I don’t try and reinvent the wheel and I am no chef, but I try and put one, maybe two, new things a week on the table to keep things interesting. There will always be a place for spag bol on my table, just not necessarily every Wednesday.

So, I have decided to put some of my meal ideas – some hits, some misses, usually a mixture of the two – down in writing, along with some other random ramblings of a woman who clearly has too much time on her hands.

All pictures are my own unless otherwise stated and recipes which are not mine will be fully attributed.


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